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Resource Management System (BizRMS) [DEMO]

RMS is developed with the aim of providing a unique system which will overcome the problems faced by Placement Agencies in managing their daily work flow. RMS will provide features such as centralized database of candidates, clients, requirements, followed by easy recording and tracking of related reports and communication.

Innovative Kidz Art, is a new website is a great opportunity for our children to shine and to showcase the incredibly imaginative and creative work that is being created in classrooms or at home.

Sulabhata (SPCES)

We have launched a Job Portal ( where resumes of IT as well as Non-IT professionals are available free to all recruiters. Registration is FREE for Employers and Jobseekers.

Lead Management System (LeadPro)

A web based software solution to overcome the complications that many businesses face in keeping track of the enquiries or leads. It help to manage Prospect Generation & Lead Acquisition, Lead Generation and Nourishment (Follow-up's), Business Analytics & Lead Scoring.

Helpdesk System

A complete web-based Help Desk software that offers everything a business needs to deliver exceptional support to its customers. Help desk helps enhance customer support via ticket support, email-ticket, and self-service knowledge base.

Call Management System

Call Management System is a system which is very efficient in tracking daily calls by customers/users and transferring the calls to engineers for resolution along with Searching and Reporting.

Inventory/Stock Management System

To track your products, inventory, orders, customers, and payments all in one central place.

Parking Software

For all types of Commercial centers, parking solution to provide highest customer service with parking facilities. Parking management systems with combination of easy to use equipments and technology to ensure efficiency in operation of any car park within an office building, shopping centre, hospital, etc.

Placement Cell

An application for the Training and Placement Officers (TPO) of the college to manage the student and companies information with regard to placement. To store data, to interact for placement acitives, searching and reporting.

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Live Project Internship available for Freshers (graduate / post graduates) on IEEE Projects, Java, PHP, DotNET and Software Testing. Write to for more details.

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Our Products

BizRMS - A easy to use system to automate day-to-day workflow of Placement agencies
Innovative Kidz Art - To share children's drawings / art / creativity with world, just by uploading the stuff to the gallery.
Sulabhata - A Job Portal where resumes of IT as well as Non-IT professionals are available free to all recruiters.